Saturday, March 30, 2013

The baby name meaning

Nobody is going to treat your daughter Ingrid differently because her name means "daughter of a hero", but know what your name means something interesting to consider. And if your son Sixto discovers that his name means "flattering", may not like, but maybe it is interesting to be called as a former Catholic pope, an emperor or a historical figure. How about a mythological name? Legend names are beautiful and stylish, and have much to tell. In Greek mythology, Iris was the goddess of the rainbow and carried messages between heaven and earth for the gods of Olympus. An alternative is to choose a name that reflects the qualities you dream for your son or your daughter. What Girls Margarita, meaning "innocence and sweetness"? Or did she, which means "beautiful woman"? Or Dinah, meaning "able to judge." Did you know that Noah means "comfort"? Dreaming of the features you want for your child can be a great inspiration. But it is not only the history of antiquity. You could create something new and unique for your baby. Maybe what you like is not so much the name itself, but the letters it contains, and can rearrange in totally different names, however, retain the sounds and meanings are inspired by those that you love. You could create a name for your baby combining letters in your name with your partner. Damian and Marina, can become Darian and Mia. Or the result may be something completely original and unique.